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Sustaining Mental Health and Wellbeing


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Tackling mental health in entrepreneurship is not often focused on. However, the reality is that start-ups and small business owners need to be thoughtful of the emotional and physical toll they will face.


The day-to-day pressures they face in bringing their dreams to life can impact them in many different ways. The first few years, they struggled to make significant traction in their industry and often ran on blood, sweat, and tears. Business growth itself can trigger an onset of anxiety.


Awareness is an integral part of combating burnout and fatigue. This course will help you develop concrete steps to managing stress. Help you create a long-term approach for work-life balance. You can and ways to sustain your mental health while pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavors.


·       Stress Management

·       Work-Life Balance

·       Increasing Your Happiness

·       Business Etiquette


2 modules for each class