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Microsoft Office Specialist is a Program

Microsoft Office Specialist

Started Mar 1, 2021

$200 Enroll

Full program description

Your greatest asset is the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by your staff. Each day your team is what determines whether your company barely survives or successfully thrives.


Your decision to prioritize skill-building and growth provide high-quality training programs will make you more efficient and competitive. Training to bridge the skills gap act in tandem with the owner and human resource goals to engage employees, keep up the morale, reconfigure workflows, redeploy talent, and eliminate costly turnover.


These courses will provide you with practical training, resources available to fund high-quality training, and payroll funds for working with those in certification or degree programs.


·       Outlook 2016 Essentials 

·       PowerPoint 2016 Essentials

·       Excel 2016 Essentials

·       Word 2016 Essentials



·       Outlook 2016 Essentials  = 6

·       PowerPoint 2016 Essentials = 6

·       Excel 2016 Essentials = 2

·       Word 2016 Essentials = 2