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Leveling-up your Business Finances


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Full program description

Too many start-ups are out of business within the first year or two. The main reason is that they run out of money. One of the worst things in accounting is un-organization.


You need to know where every dollar is coming from and where every dollar is going. This course will serve as a foundation of the different aspects of keeping track of any business the right way.


Start by getting a clear picture of the importance of your accounting method. The accounting methods are the rules and procedures a company must use to report its revenues and expenses. You will learn about depreciating your assets, reconciling cash, reconciling investments, working with the trial balance, bad debt, posting adjustments, and corrections, reviewing budget numbers, and running financial reports for decision-making.


This course gives direction to break financial goals down into reachable and measurable ones. You will learn how to allocate the majority of your capital to generate revenue. Discover the power to determine if an investment is worth the effort by calculating your return on investment (ROI).


·       Basic Bookkeeping

·       Budgets and Financial Reports

·       Archiving and Records Management

·       Lean Process and Six Sigma


2 modules for each class